The Cuesta Foundation

The Cuesta Foundation was formed on May 16, 1962, by Charles W. Oliphant and his sister, Allene O. Mayo, to continue the philanthropic legacy of their father, A.G. Oliphant. 

Community Projects 
Major philanthropic accomplishments of the Cuesta Foundation include: The University of Tulsa's Oliphant Hall and the Oliphant Char in Mathematics, the Tulsa's Children's Museum, the Tulsa Zoo and Oklahoma Aquarium exhibit expansions, and Crosstown Learning Center's continuing education for teachers. 

Foundation Mission
The Trustees of the Cuesta Foundation, Inc want to bring joy to their communities and its citizens by funding charitable organizations that are serving mankind by assisting people who are in need and who have a desire to better themselves. Organizations that can demonstrate this philosophy will be considered above others.

Cuesta Foundation will support operating expenses and capital needs of qualifying organizations.

The Foundation's area of emphasis are Arts and Humanities, Education, Social Services and Community Needs. 

Preference will be given to the following organizations:
Organizations in Tulsa, OK

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Letter of Intent Deadline: March 31, 2017 
Grant Application Deadline: June 16, 2017
Grantmaking Meeting: July 2017
Fund Grants: Auguts 2017

Cuesta Foundation Directors

Eric Oliphant

Gregory W. Oliphant
Vice President/Treasurer

Jamie Oliphant

Arline B. Oliphant

Thomas J. Oliphant

Annual Report  

Cuesta Foundation 2016 Annual Report